Ff a320 sharklets

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Ff a320 sharklets

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No update need in this case. Support is continue. It went suspiciously well :- And thanks for fixing those stripey windows. Keep up the good work! Any idear why this frequency is wrong? Where does these data came from?? Is it the airac cycle?? Or the airport data??


Next - check what freq fot that ILS you will read. Scenery - from own X-Plane files different navdata cycle or data may be. Where did you get The correct frequency for 05L is It is just empty. Please advise. However, if you look at their latest ILS 05L approach chart dated All rights reserved. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. Login with Facebook. Remember Me? By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policyand to the use of cookies as described therein.

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ff a320 sharklets

A with Sharklets. Thread Tools.

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Hi, Just out of curiosity I was wondering if anyone here has been flying on sharklet equipped A? Any possibility of sharing some insight when comparing to the regular models regarding performance, altitude capability, flight characteristics, X-wind behaviour, etc Thanks in advance.

View Public Profile. Old Smokey. Find More Posts by Old Smokey. Is there any truth in the suggestion that AI haven't come up with any crosswind limits - revised or otherwise - for the sharklet aircraft?

Find More Posts by mcdhu. I've been flying this thing for a few months now, and there are a few differences: 1. Radius of turn on the ground is New limits for contaminated runways 5.

As mentioned, better climb gradient, BUT The MTOW increase results in an increase of payload, or range, or in takeoff thrust reduction.

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For Turn Procedures, the flight path climb gradient will be different for A aircraft equipped with Sharklets than for A aircraft equipped with wingtips. Sharklets aircraft have higher climb gradient loss during turn than aircraft equipped with wingtips.That sounds pretty far away. Just thought seeing as they have the A, that they would finish it before creating different variations of the Airbus fleet.

Well, it is a different variant. It's not just taking their existing A and 'slapping' on some sharklets winglets. Maybe this is a dumb question, but when referencing to 'The Sharklets Version', we're not talking about the NEO version, correct? No, NEO is different from the Sharklets, with other engines and stuff.

A320 Ultimate

I think it is called ACEO? Someone might correct me here. Not sure about that. Spoked to several pilots who assured me they feel no difference. Probably fuel consumption is slightly better hopefully, those kits are very expensive! Not something that clearly shows up in home simulators. The performance data sets e. But at the end of the day it's about more than the bottom line -- all the developers are simmers who are passionate about what they do and about taking flight simulation to the next level.

For me at least, the reason the AX -- and the upcoming AX -- is such a special simulation is because of all those tiny little bits of detail that have been built in. Each feature, each tweak to the flight model or to the sounds or the visual effects, the systems and virtual data networks within the aircraft etc might seem inconsequential or unnoticeable on it's own.

But when you add all of those tiny, fastidious little bits of detail together you get something which is much greater than the sum of its parts. So that's why we'll be doing sharklets 'properly' -- because we think you deserve something much better than just "OK"!

The PMDG is used sometimes only. I do much more use the Airbus A To those who are much to high quite often: Take more time for your flight. You will most probably have to go around.By vl1September 12, in The Prepar3d Forum.

I am looking for PA with sharklets for P3D But I start thinking they were never made. FSX version doesn't work. He mentioned that Stephan has made a repaint especiellay for him, and it could be that Stephan has added the sharklets for him to the model.

I had no time yet to ask Peter if this is the case and if so, i would get in contact with Stephan. P3D V4. Project Airbus was great for us back in FS9. Even when I could tell the A wasnt coming I never got upset. They released some great stuff for FREE. When the A got released I had never been happier.

NOT interested in vc or anything else. I tried Aerosoft A, the panel is too complicated for me I was in the same situation as you and basically had to suck it up and learn how to fly the aerosoft anyways. I recommend YouTube. I did yesterday and he answered today. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy!

IAE MOD for FFA320 (BSS sound pack)

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ff a320 sharklets

Hello Guest, Login. Quantity Add to Cart. The model has its own flight model and a system depth never seen before on any flight sim. The goal was to provide an experience as close to the real aircraft as possible. Hi-quality and realistic interior and exterior visual model Hi-quality and realistic sound pack with hundreds of sounds from the real aircraft Hi-quality display graphics 4K panel Unique rain effects VR Compatible Fast access popup panel system Precise aerodynamical model with unique features like transonic effects, hi speed stall etc Specific engine model with realistic performance and dynamics More than 10, simulated objects like computers, sensors, units, data buses, busbars, relays, etc.

Realistic simulation of transition effects, self-tests and other real aircraft undocumented features Physically based implementation of electric, hydraulic, fuel and pneumatic systems with realistic responses and state transitions Precise flight management system with full profile predictions and modes of operation Autopilot, indistinguishable from real aircraft, with all modes, transition effects and undocumented features X-Updater.

The model come with the X-Updater for easy update of your aircraft. More pictures here. The plane is constantly updated - It has been updated more than times since its initial release! Recently Viewed Items.By Aviacraft.

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I decided to improve it because it showed me really good potential but I wasn't totaly satisfied. Update 3. Update 2. Released December 23, You can post now and register later.

If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Restore formatting. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. February 17, Absolutely love the mod.

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Thank you very much! And about your suggestion, I already did it with the full compatible liveries. February 7, February 6, February 2, Hey, Is there any way to not use the cockpit lights? They are a bit odd, and not all of them are the same color. Hi, actually the only way is to wait a little bit for the V3 in which I will try to improve that, I don't guarantee it will work.

ff a320 sharklets

And this is intentional to have different colors like in real life. January 16, March 7, My question about this mod is, if we run the updater for FF, would we have to download and install the thing again? Hi, yes because the new version will overwrite some of the files I modified, so the best option is : 1.

Delete the entire FFa folder 2. Download again the Matavia Mod and install it completely That's it! Wednesday at AM. Amazing mod, can you please do a version for the Toliss a? As much as I love the FF a, the frames are just horrible for me. December 6, October 29, July 20, April 8, March 22, This brings it to a whole nother level! Amazing work!!!By StephenOctober 30, in Airliners Reviews. This Airbus aircraft from FlightFactor Aero is pretty unique.

It's whole purpose is too deliver a completely new and extremely high quality simulation to flying Airbus aircraft in a simulator. It is unusual in another area as well, in the fact it is designed and built to be not part of any actual simulator platform.

It is released in X-Plane and flies in X-Plane but it's basic underlying systems can also allow it to fly in any computer based system and no doubt in the future it's main purpose is for it to be a standalone simulator for Airbus A certified aircraft training.

Winglets and Sharklets

To acquire such a certification for real world based training then this aircraft would have to replicate almost every system and instrument that is found in a real A aircraft or simulator, and that is a more complex thing to do than you think it is. So it goes without saying that this aircraft in X-Plane is complex When you really think about that aspect you can see how big a challenge it really is to bring such complex modeling and aircraft behaviour to a deskbound style simulator.

Your first instincts are to understand that this aircraft is not really an X-Plane aircraft and in using the X-Plane based theory and dynamics, in fact the only area that this aircraft interacts with X-Plane is with the default XP ground physics and in time that will phased out as well. So this does create a very different environment in that any of the usual X-Plane interaction tools will not work with this aircraft, including manipulators and even X-Planes unique aerodynamic modeling in "blade element theory" of element forces at work on the aircraft.

The FF AU uses its own aerodynamic modeling that is quite close to Laminar's structures and theories, but is more much more controllable and flexible and has more options and parameters, and is engineered for a broader aerodynamic model and to make system logic consistent and more integral.

The A series aircraft was very unique in its definition of control laws, protections, reconfigurations, and functions. Aircraft with fly-by-wire flight controls require computer-controlled flight control modes that are capable of determining the operational mode computational law of the aircraft. The fly by wire aircraft is controlled by three primary control computers captain's, first officer's, and standby and two secondary control computers captain's and first officer's.

In addition there are two flight control data computers FCDC that read information from the sensors, such as air data airspeed, altitude. This is fed along with GPS data, into three redundant processing units known as air data inertial reference units ADIRUs that act both as an air data reference and inertial reference.

ADIRUs are part of the air data inertial reference system, which, on the Airbus is linked to eight air data modules: three are linked to pitot tubes and five are linked to static sources.

Information from the ADIRU is fed into one of several flight control computers primary and secondary flight control. The computers also receive information from the control surfaces of the aircraft and from the pilots aircraft control devices and autopilot. Information from these computers is sent both to the pilot's primary flight display and also to the control surfaces.

These modes are called Normal law the aircraft will fly with normal human inputAlternate law, Direct law and Mechanical law.

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All the systems are built up from hundreds of elementary objects, like wires, relays, circuit brakes, pipes, valves, pumps, etc, and then whole systems states are resolved each frame using physical laws.

For the electrical system, for example, this is the full Ohm's law. For other systems, these are its equivalents. Systems interact with each other, generating signals from sensors and switches, control signals, and reacting to them.

A320 Ultimate

Computers continuously acquire, monitor and generate these control signals as well. If you are following all this you can see how very complex the A as an aircraft is, and to replicate that into a simulation is a very big task.

And your position is to understand all this as well and operate or fly the aircraft to it's full potential. So this A Ultimate is not for the one with a newly acquired simulation pilot's licence.

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This is a pro aircraft or the "Ultimate" in simulation flying to replicate the real world style of modern jet aircraft flying. The Aneo is very good, certainly with it's added in extensive sound pack form. But it does have a not so perfect flight model mostly in the takeoff and performance areas but you can't really compare that A with this one from FlighFactor, to a point if you want a good A the JAR's A is the better purchase, as this A from FF is a much more comprehensive aircraft and in that factor a lot more is required in real time study and practise to understand all the flying profiles and systems.


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