I90000 max

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I90000 max

Note: Please be cautious and check with your supplier if this product is for virus protection purposes and if the coronavirus COVID will affect your order. View larger image. Hot sale in.

i90000 max

Connectors: Lightning Color:. View Details. Customized logo Min. Order: Pieces. Customized packaging Min. Order: Pieces More. Graphic customization Min. Order: Pieces Less. Order : Buy Samples.

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Start Order Contact Supplier. Product Details. Company Profile. Quick Details. Certification: ce. Time days 7 15 To be negotiated. Online Customization. Video Description. Product Description. Product Name. Details Images. White Earphones. Black Earphones. Related Products. Company Introduction. What Is Your Payment Terms? You May Like. Not exactly what you want? Related Searches : beats earphones soyle earphone funky earphones. China : China led earphone China earphone parts China bluetooth earphone.

China wifi earphone China earphone samsung China earphone protector. China n70 earphones China cartoon earphones China disposable earphones. Subtotal Depends on the order quantity. Start Order Contact Supplier Add to cart.The design is pretty standard in all three of these airpods clones, as stylish and classy as usual, there is really not much to say here as they all follow the same rules that have made the iTWS series look and feel so good.

So you can go listen to your favorite songs without a care in the world. The wireless charging that is present in almost all of the iTWS series is, as usual, the cherry on top of the battery charging experience, I will never get tired of saying how thankful I am for this.

The bass and the general sound quality is just so much better in the newer versions of the iTWS series, it really makes us excited about what will they come up with next.

Now, because this is still a comparison and we need a winner, the point goes to the i TWS if only because its quality is still somewhat better than that of the i TWS. Well, have you heard of skypods? They have the latest chip and better battery life in comparison to the other airpod clones. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Email address:. What's Hot?

Now Week Month. Snapdragon vs Snapdragon Comparison — 4 Years of Progress. Share Tweet. Comparison Audiophile. Daniel Herrera September 4, Last updated: June 16, What's Inside. Grab It! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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i90000 max

Be the Part of the No. Email address: First Name. More Stories.As expected, the second generation of the replicas of the AirPods Pro has arrived. So what are the differences this time? To answer this, we will be reviewing this earphone.

Although it is also true that as it is very easy to change names, it may be the case that devices with the name of i also offer these features, but we will see. I have nothing to object to the packaging. However, on one of the sides of the box, we do get to see the i Pro features and its parameters.

The manufacturer says that these are the super copy of the current original AirPods Pro on the market. The is related to the design and appearance, however, the weight is not the same as the original AirPods. Instead of finding where the sensor is, the i Pro has this black part on each earphone to let you know where the touch sensor is located.

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You can look at the instruction manual that comes by default. But, if you want to check how they work before buying them, we leave you a list of the most used functions:. However, after a few tests, we have realized that the correct time is around 4 hours at a medium to high volume. In relation to the charging times, it takes around 1.

I really wish that these fake AirPods come with a fast charge soon. Here are the features of these earphones compared to the i TWS. Having said that, there is a delay in Pop-up window animation, small, but it exists at the end. Also, audio and image go hand in hand, however, there is a small lag that is not at all annoying, so the experience remains remarkable.

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This happens when watching videos on YouTube or movies and series on Netflix, so if your main objective is to listen to music you will not have any problem, although it is not at all annoying. Naturally, these headphones offer the configuration of active noise cancellation. However, this does not work. These means like every other earphone with good fitting and ear tips, they physically provide noise reduction from the outside environment.

A good fitting earphone will also provide this reduction. That being said, one of its flaws is in the hands-freesince in open spaces and with a lot of air it becomes an impossible task to have a conversation. Also, it is worth mentioning that as with some headphones, they exaggerate the bass by default and leave low tones unnoticed. I do hear people complaining about the connectivity issues and defected models sent to them.

I advise everyone to buy from a store that has good ratings of these earphones. There are tons of Chinese manufacturers making this model and each of them varies so be careful. However, I do miss some features like the pressure touch and volume slider, which are available on other AirPods copies for the same price.

Email address:. What's Hot? Now Week Month. Share Tweet. Last updated: September 9, What's Inside. Grab It! See all results.At present, we have tried to adapt our entertainment instruments to more comfortable ways of use, which is why new trends have come to light, such as using Airpods, headphones that we can use without the need to connect them through a cable to our dispositive.

However, these products are usually somewhat expensive and therefore we have a solution that comes from the hands of the TWS company, and these are its fake airpods, accessible to all public and of great quality. Next, we will present one of the many versions on the market, through the i tws Earphone Review.

The design is elegant and minimalistlike many of its predecessors, the company does not invest much capital in a change of design or appearance, since it is white with a smooth design and polished appearanceimitating the original Airpods as best as possible.

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On the other hand, it is quite light and practical for any situation, we can take it with us without suffering any discomfort and they will be completely protected inside its housing.

For those who are not accustomed to using this type of headphones, they will ask, how do I start using the i tws? This is very easy and once learned will allow us to enjoy all its functional capabilities.

Such as its touch sensor, in which we have:. This section is of great importance for the average consumer, thanks to the battery we can determine how long we can enjoy our entertainment, for the i tws headphones we will have between 3. On the other hand, if we need to recharge them we can do it through QI wireless charging since it is supported by the headphones, something quite common since the i tws were launched.

One of the new features of these headphones is the particularity of being able to simultaneously check 3 batteries in real-time, with this we refer to the 2 headphones and the housing, this will appear with an interesting animation on the screen of our devices.

The sound quality has always been a point of great importance for the headphones, in this characteristic, they demonstrate their practical capacity to fulfill their initial objective, to reproduce sound. Now, when we talk about the i tws they have excellent sound fluidity thanks to their 6D stereo bass with a frequency response range of Hz and a sensitivity of dBmaintaining an ideal volume for any music or call we are making.

Also, the built-in HD microphone allows binaural calls, the HD chip is decent for communications and the voice assistant Siri recognizes our voice quite accurately. The connectivity of the i will guarantee a quality interaction for the devices with which we connect and this is achieved through the new D chipimproving the Bluetooth connection v5.

However, the D chip is one of the best options for connection between devices right now, showing that although the i has not changed much, in the small details it has been strengthened. Email address:. What's Hot? Now Week Month. Share Tweet. Reviews Audiophile.

Angel Utrera November 21, Last updated: June 20, What's Inside. See all results. Be the Part of the No. Email address: First Name. More Stories.Such as i, i and more? Then check out this store! The older models have taken a back seat because of their lack of feature upgrade.

So what is the difference? How is it better? If you are in the market for new earbuds, you need to make sure to always buy the latest edition as manufacturers keep upgrading the feature sets every few months. To help differentiate the upgrades from the older models, they keep giving it new names such as the i Check out our latest review of the fake airpods series. If you are in the market for the latest Chinese IEMs and Chinese earphones you might have also come across the i I will not spend too much time on the design because if you have heard of the TWS Airpods replica, then you know they all look similar.

It looks the same, the form factor is the same, the material is the same. The biggest upgrade and improvement on the i TWS wireless earphones is the upgraded chip. Think of it as a software upgrade that works well with the hardware. So the most advanced chip is with the i! The above chip has a host of advantages, one of which are the smart sense feature. So what is the smart sense feature? When you remove the earbuds from your ear, the music automatically stops and the music will automatically start playing when the ears are put back in your ear.

This is a feature that is there on the Airpods and that is not present in a lot of the other TWS earbud devices.

This is exclusive to the i TWS. Most of the earlier iTWS devices were able to add this pop-up feature when you opened the charging box in front of your phone. This was a cool trick, but the major problem was the battery level was always a fake number that was always the same.

For the i TWS, the pop-up window shows the exact battery details that lets you know how much charge the box has and how much charge the earphones have too. In terms of touch control, the i TWS has the same features as the Airpods. A single touch for pause and playing the music. Double touch for Siri or Google Assistant activation and then triple touch on the right ear for the next song and triple touch on the left ear for the previous song.

This touch sensor works brilliantly and almost without delay and pretty real time.Times change for the better. The technology that was once complicated or rough in design gradually adapts to our needs. Listening to music wherever has become one of the most common entertainment methods, but until recently you had two options: or put the music at maximum volume for everyone to listen to, or use large, cumbersome headphones.

i9000 TWS Earphones Review | i9000 TWS vs i9000 TWS Pro

And although the headphones gradually reduced their size, they were still uncomfortable with the cables. Although this brand already has time making earphones, and it is not the first time that it uses this format. We can say that they are very similar to other versions in this section, such as the i TWS. The i TWS comes in a white case that will help us recharge and store them while we are not using them.

The first feature is what is expected from a wireless earphone, and is its ability to connect to different Smartphones without the need for cables; this is achieved thanks to a U chip that provides Bluetooth 5. Both earphones can be used individually or together.

Both have touch buttons that allow us to control the order of the songs and other functions, such as answering calls or activating the corresponding voice assistants of each operating system. Another interesting function that is preserved is the smart sensor that allows them to play music when they detect that they are in our ear and stops if we remove them.

An exclusive feature for users of iOS phones is that the i TWS has GPS positioningso we can find other users of these earphones or simply find our lost ones. Battery life is an important aspect when it comes to wireless products.

We can confirm in this i TWS Airpods review that the product has a duration comparable to Apple Airpodseasily reaching 5 hours when listening to music, or 3 hours if we are on a constant call.

The recharge, as we mentioned before, is done by the case. This can be recharged traditionally with the USB cable included in the package, or failing that, with a wireless charging base that we must buy separately. Thanks to its Quick Charge function, recharging them will be a matter of minutes. Anyways, we should not be afraid of running out of battery, since we can monitor at all times the remaining charge of both earphones and the case.

The sound quality has been greatly improved thanks to a new bass system with triple-band equalization and with the noise cancellation function, similar to that offered by Apple Airpodsso there will be no problem generated neither by the Bluetooth signal nor by the external noise. Although there are still some differences with respect to those of Applethese are minimal, especially considering the cost of both.

As we mentioned before, the i TWS has a U chipwhich allows for more reliable data transmission and a connection with the Smartphone in only 0. Additionally, connecting the earphones is a very simple process. If we have an iPhoneit will be enough to enable Bluetooth and open the case of the i TWS so that a pop-up window appears indicating that they have connected. In the case of Android phones, as the connection is not made automatically, we will have to press for seconds the back button that is in the charging case for our Smartphone to identify it.

Have you ever dreamed of having Apple Airpods at an affordable price? From this manufacturer they have managed to recreate an experience similar to the product of the most popular apple in the world, but with a more accessible price. If you are looking for a special gift for this Christmas, or just for a replacement to your old headphones, then the i TWS is an option to consider.

Email address:. What's Hot? Now Week Month. Share Tweet. Audiophile Reviews. Manuel Rodriguez November 24, Last updated: June 16, What's Inside. Grab It! See all results. Be the Part of the No.Before starting the comparison, we want to clear out something.

Selecting one from the sea of hundreds is quite difficult. So here is what you need to see. If you have any questions, hit the comment section down below. We will be starting the i TWS vs i Pro vs i Max vs Apple AirPods 2 comparison review, with the specs comparison just to get a quick idea about the differences.

i90000 tws Earphone Review – Fake Airpods with New Pop-up Animation

The boxing appears to be the same for all four Airpods including the original one. However, we do see the product name and specs for the fake ones printed on the side of the box. All three of the fake AirPods are replicas of the Air 2 in terms of size and appearance.

Moreover, two more differences we can see are on the charging case. Only i TWS has it. Second is that the case is all plastic with no metal clampso you might have to carefully open the lid every time. Apart from this, everything is the same including the stalk, the earpiece, and even the bottom of the stalk which has a net on it. First of all, the original AirPod 2 has the iconic pop-up animation which appears after opening the lid.

i90000 max

The animation displays the button press scene, percentage battery of the case and AirPods, and percentage battery of AirPods separately and collectively when taken out in different animations.

Last but not least, we have the incredible sound of the original AirPods. As for the pop-up animation, all three have the same animation supported on iOS For the rest of the two, you will have to live up with the default names i and i Pro. However, only i Max has the feature of volume control via sliding. All three have Qi wireless charging and HD calling as well.

i10000 TWS vs i9000 TWS vs i200 TWS – Fake AirPods 2019 Comparison

However, we do transparency mode in i, i Pro, i Max. All three of the fake AirPods have Bluetooth 5. Apart from this, the Airoha U AP2 audio chip is present on them. It does support GPS but not audio sharing. So, these downsides are to be found on all fake AirPods using this audio chip.

The AP2 version has HD mic and sound. However, the sound quality of the is slightly better. The sound quality seems to be improving slightly after each new model. The same is the case with these three. All three of them have a nice bass added to it, however, the details and the quality seems to be excellent in i Max, then we have i Pro and at last i TWS which also has good sound.

Though the volume is very high which is pretty common in Chinese audiophiles. Right now the i Pro provides the best sound which is close to the AirPods series. Though the original AirPods remains unbeaten but the price is really an issue here. Given that all three of the fake AirPods have almost the same price range, it will be a good option to go for i Max TWSbecause of better sound and most importantly the settings menu and Bluetooth rename feature which is exactly like the originals.

Here are the links:. Disclaimer : The links given are affiliated ones. If you are looking forward to purchase any of the fake AirPods, please purchase from the link given by us. We might earn a small commission from the purchase which will be beneficial for the maintenance of this site. Moreover, if you want to know anything, let us know in the comments.


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